Dear friends,

I hope that you’re doing well.

I know it’s been a long time since you received some official news from us.

As some of you saw it, I’m answering all the inbox we receive via our official Facebook page with an average time of answering around two hours: it might be less and I’m doing my best to cover all your requests. But, as the past months were focused on under-NDA-discussion and kind of a roller coasting fundraising campaign, I couldn’t tell you much.

As of today, we still didn’t close the one that will allow us to go to POC3. Because we didn’t find the right partner. Because we didn’t convince some of our interlocutors. And because, also, we refused some offers. For example, we had a great opportunity few months ago but our interlocutor didn’t want to formally respect the deal we had with our donors during the crowdfungind campaign – giving a discount and a preferred pricing once we’ll be on the market. Basically, he was ready to invest on the long term in our company to develop the product, but didn’t want to take the engagement to apply the donation campaign rules to our backers. So we refused. It might be a mistake as we’re still in standby, but I think they are some conditions which are not negotiable. And I have my conscience for myself.

Raising funds is a marathon and, even if it’s key, it’s not the end of the journey neither a guarantee of success. You can – and we did – spend 6/12 months of discussion, wide opening the doors of your company for what is called due diligences, describe your past, detail your present and explain your future, give more info to strangers than to your own partner in life and finally didn’t find an agreement.

I must confess that at the beginning of this adventure, I was open to accept a LOT of conditions from our potential investors. When you have a vision and few money, the perspective to get someone injecting enough in your company to move forward hides the negative points and you’re happy to swallow a lot. Now that I dedicated so much to this project, now that Pascal and I support on our shoulders the company, I’m becoming more cautious, more picky and more critic. I hope that will restrain the scope of people with whom we are currently discussing to find the right partner.

Currently, we’re covering the basic expenses of the company by ourselves. Honestly, at the end of 2017, I didn’t see how we could make it and it seem a lot easier to close the company. But that last only few days and we didn’t give up: what we did was to dedicate our ressources to the protection of our patents which assures us to lock our main markets.

I know our situation is not new in this industry: so far, we « only » raised a little more than a million dollars to get two generation of prototypes, cover the world with patents, build a 350k people Community and create relations with key people from the industry even some former Apple who invested in our company in less than 3 years.

I’m not complying as we’re leaving a crazy adventure. What I just want all of you to understand is that we’ll not give up and are still working on it.
And even got into debts to make the company floating and pursue. That we are investigating every single option to make the Cicret Bracelet reach the market.

I continuously feel the amazing interest in our product as we reached almost 300k people registering to our Waiting List at the beginning of the week.
I feel that a great majority trust our concept.
I feel that the Cicret Bracelet is still accurate as of today.
I feel that if it was easy, it would already be on the market.
And I feel that it’s worth having hard nights and times to make it happened.

At the end, it’s not finding one, two or three millions dollars that matters, but finding the right long term partner. I prefer us to take time than rushing and loose the philosophy of the Bracelet.
We’re still here, we still believe in the project, our initial partners still support us.

To conclude, if you have any question, feel free to contact us directly via our Facebook page by sending us an inbox.

Once I get any info I can publicly share with you, I’ll do it.

Have a good day.