Dear Friends,

I hope that you’re doing well.

The past weeks where constructive on the development of the POC3: we are focused on the SW in Paris, and our partner achieved the first milestone of our timeline, that is called « feasibility study » and has been passed successfully.

We are also using the POC2 in our offices to go to the next step and shot you a video of the last advert of King Kong via Youtube to show you the quality we get in the prototype configuration:


Again, even with a low angle and one camera integrated in our prototype – instead of two in the final product -, we have a good interactivity and a satisfying image quality at this step of the development.

On the financial side, I spent some time in Europe with Pascal this week for our fundraises.

We are also continuing the follow up of our last CES and the interests we received there.

As I already had the opportunity to write it, we had a huge enthusiasm in Vegas and are now pursuing the discussion with the main actors of the market.

I may have a conference in Asia in May/June to present again the Bracelet and gain more visibility on one of our main market where we have a huge, enthusiastic and awesome community.

To summarize, we continue to push and develop.

Even if it’s not going as fast as we could have announced it, as we would like it to be and as you can expect it, we’re still on track and continue the revolution for which many of you support us.

If you have any question, feel free to reach me directly on our Facebook page. I’m trying to take the time necessary to answer all of you 😉

Have a great day.


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