Dear Friends,

I wish you a great new year, full of positive things, heath, luck and love to you and yours.

The rest of the team and I really hope you the best.

The last weeks were really busy and I apologize for the delay since my last article.

As you know, Pascal and I been in Las Vegas at the early beginning of the month to attend the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).


We were at the CES

It was really interesting as it gave us the opportunity to feed the relation with our existing partner, meet some potential new ones and, more than that, demonstrating our POC2 in front of experienced and knowledgeable engineers.

They were all impressed by the quality of the image, the finger detection accuracy and the fact that all the pieces of our prototype work together to provide the promise of what was a concept two years ago.

I remember a bar tender who was serving in a restaurant we were eating and making a demonstration in the same time to a new interlocutor. He saw the working POC and literally stopped walking to seat with us and watch the interaction our partner was making on his wrist. He promised to follow us on Facebook and I’m sure he did 😉

Now, the different follow up bring great perspective and I feel that we’ll have some positive news to let you know in the next weeks/months.

In the mean time, our Indian partner moves forward and we are making good progress.

We have a trip to India scheduled in February to follow their work and advance on the next milestones we have.

Last, we continue to have a great number of registration on our Waiting List. If you’re not on it yet, feel free: click here.

I’ll tell you more soon.


Have a good day/night wherever you are.

Take care,


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