Dear Friends,

I hope that you’re doing well.

We had a discussion internally to decide if we open the preorders this Christmas or if we wait until next year.

After the POC2, we are moving forward on the POC3, delt an agreement to develop our product with a major manufacturer and know that we can count on a great Community of future buyers.

But, in the mean time, even if it’s a question of months, the final version of the Bracelet is obviously not yet finished and we choose to wait a bit, let some beta testers try our product, get their feedback and open the preorders once this will be done.

Speaking about our POC2, we’ll definitely release some images and videos of it and show you what we managed to achieve at that point before the end of this year.

We are in the heart of our SW work, improving the keystone correction and finger detection. It’s a long and hard job as we are the first one using it in such condition – low angle, directly on the arm – and we are making great progress.

In the same time, we are also making huge steps forward in handling the pico projector components and move along with our industrial partners on this.

We are getting closer and closer to a highly satisfying resolution, brightness and image quality for the Bracelet.

As an example, we have to take time when we shoot the usage of our POC2, as the pico image is really bright and is to much that what our camera can handle without being precisely set.

To stay on the technical field, this week is an important one for us because we started a partnership with a design office to release the POC3, and the final product in the wake.

We are confident in their abilities to finalize what we want and respect our schedule to have the final product by 2017.

This week is also important for us as we decided to close our donation campaign, for a number of reasons:
– We reached a certain amount of money after almost a year of collection.
– We are in a process to close our next fundraise and took this decision accordingly.

Our campaign was a success, only based on our Community, without the help of an existing platform. It was an additional tool which let us exchange closer with our future customers, with you, our future users and we are really glad that it went that well.

Of course, the donors of this campaign will have a priority to order, once the presales and sales will be opened. And I confirm you that all of them are properly registered in our file.

By the way,, I apologize if we don’t answer to all the emails and messages we receive. We’re doing our best to give a reply as much as possible, but we may have left some unanswered interrogation or enthusiastic texts.

That’s also why I choose to synthesize here the most relevant info for you to stay updated.

For info, we will be at our first CES, in Las Vegas, at the beginning of next January.

It will be an interesting opportunity to meet some potential or already existing partners, demonstrate our POC2 in front of prospect and meet some future customers.

We’ll release some news about it asap.

I will have the opportunity to write you again soon but, for those who won’t connect before the end of the year, I wish you great holidays and promise you that we are doing our maximum to be there, under your Christmas tree, next year.

Take care,