Dear Friends,

I hope that everything’s fine from your side.

I didn’t have the opportunity yet to announce you that we eventually received the second generation of our prototype, what we call the POC2.

It’s a great improvement for us as we made the proof that, embedded in a small casing, all the components needed to make the Bracelet work together.

Here are some pictures of the POC2.



This is the POC of the Cicret Bracelet – It’s not the size of the final product.


At this stage, even if we sourced them all, we didn’t put the smallest components on the shelf. Everything in it’s time 😉

To make it clear, after conceiving the POC1, the purpose of the POC2 was to make sure that the technological choices we made were the good ones.

And you prefer to have this confirmation after few months of works, with « rough » components than after 6 or 9 extra months and more money spent.

Again, we are definetly not speaking here of the final size and shape of the product you will be able to buy once the preorders will be opened.

But this POC2 is an obligatory passage.

It’s an amazing step forward. We are the first – and only one – who succeded in this. And we can now make proper demonstration, work harder on the software and test it in different situation.

We prepare you a video of it for the end of this year so you can see how it looks.

Now, we are continuing on our roadmap and improve what’s required to go to POC2 and get closer to the final product.

Our enthusiasm and motivation are higher than never. With your support, as usual  🙂


Take care,