Dear Friends,

I hope that you’re doing well.

I know that the technical feasibility of our Bracelet is a repeated question.

I understand it: none of the major IT companies such as Apple or Samsung ever tried it; no one has ever seen both of our components – the pico projector and sensors – working together; and it’s the first product that our team, together, develops and will put on the market.

For all our followers who know a bit of hightech, the most important interrogation is on the the vital element that is the pico.

That’s why you’ll find a picture of it right here:

2016-10-25 21-29-11_flou 2016-10-25 21-30-30_flou

2016-10-25 21-29-38_flou


It took us some time to source it.

As you will see it, it’s quit small and has the brightness to get an HD image at the end.




Next week, we’ll be both in India and Singapore.

I’ll keep you posted.

Have a good week.
Take good care of you.