Dear friends,

I hope that you’re all doing well!
Our meetings in South of France went really well this week: we won a price as one of the most innovative start-up! 🙂



Apart of that – which was cool -, we meet interesting people, in the banking field.
We want to allow our future users to pay whithout contact with their Bracelet and it’s a solution we went deeper in during this two days trip. We also have other subjects, but they are more confidential.

Next week, part of our team will be split between Europe, Singapore and India.

We have a constructive opportunity there that will also interest you because it’s directly linked to our development 😉 I’ll have the occasion to give you more details when I confirm it.

Speaking about our POC2, we are working in parallel from Paris and Singapore on the keystone correction

And, for next week’s update, we have a surprise to show you.
Have a good week-end and take good care of you.