Hi everyone,

I hope that you’re all doing well !

Weekly update : last week, I was at the BOSCH CONNECTED WORLD in Chicago, giving a conference on the Bracelet and how, as a wearable, it will change the way we use technology. I’m sure that you see what I mean 😉 The video will be online soon.

It was also a good opportunity to meet new people on the technical side. That’s one of the good thing in such events : you’re always introduced to people from other industry who bring new usecases.

This time, I was told about the potential of the Bracelet in the medical field, for the surgeon in operation. Why not. And a new example of how everyone assimilates the Bracelet, makes it her/his and imagines it in her/his dailylife, which we’re absolutely fine with and love to see !

On the prototype, the whole team is in a positive energy and on a good trend.
We have a subject on improving the image quality and partners of CN2P, for three different area/countries are full time on it: Europe, India and Singapore

We’ll release some pictures of our tests so you can see the work we do.

I have an other congress next week in France and we have new important dates coming in the near futur which I’ll told you more later.

Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Take care,