With the Cicret Bracelet,
do whatever you want on your arm.

Key features.

– Works on every skin color

– Android OS

– Phone screen mirroring

– Works with iPhone and Android

– Removable battery

– Water resistant

We are ready to produce the Bracelet.

Over the last months, we built a working prototype. We have successfully:

– managed a motion sensing system on the forearm to work.
– distorted the picture from the pico projector.
– put these two key features all together and sourced all the components needed.

Most of all, we are working with two renowned US design offices.

We now have 2 quotes with the timeline, dates of production and detailed costs in order to create the first working samples. We will be able to launch the presales and start the delivery of the Cicret Bracelet.

They are working with us.

Two ex-Apple employees are in our executive team. Thanks to their skills and expertise they are very helpful in getting the best components like the pico projector and solve all industrial issues.


Managing Partner & Business Development
30 years + Global Operations, Mfg. and Procurement experience. Served as a C Level executive at Apple, InFocus, and most recently, Intelligent Energy. Has built and led product introduction and supply chain teams in Europe, USA and Asia. (Also worked for MVIS – pico projector industry).


Supply Chain & Operations
20 years + of leadership and program management experience across the supply chain spectrum: both tactical operations management; new product introduction & strategy & design. Demonstrated ability to create superior performing global supply chains – both forward and reverse. Worked at the leadership level in Dell, InFocus, Apple, TCSand most recently, Intelligent Energy.

Donors already joined us

128.2% OF $500,000

Our working sample is being designed.
The bracelet is not on the market yet. Don’t trust any websites selling it.

The team.

Pascal Pommier
Pascal PommierCEO, Founder
Technology & Software.
Guillaume Pommier
Guillaume PommierVP, Founder
Concept, Marketing & Finance / Press relations.

Latest news.


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